Week 3: Write a paragraph imagining yourself waking up as some strange creature. What do you think? How do you cope?

I awoke from a nightmare. I was sweaty, trembling, and unable to move. I did not know why it was that a simple nightmare caused my limbs to freeze so. I felt as though a huge weight was pressing itself against me on the bed. When I finally regained movement of my limbs I realized that I had grown a tail and ears above my head. At first, it came to me as a shock and then I realized that it was probably the effects of this dream. I must still be dreaming, I thought to myself. I thought I was in a dream within a dream where the strangest things happen while one is almost conscious. However, as I walked to the mirror to scope out my new body, I realized that it was not the case. I had become and animal and had no idea why. I was not afraid of this change, but more welcomed it with an accepting smile. Perhaps, I would not stand out so much with my new body. Perhaps, those around would not find me as annoying for being different. I imagine my tail will generate some form of acceptance with my peers. It could very well be that this change that I would have seen as a nightmare could very well be my ticket to becoming understood by those around me. After I looked at myself for a second, and took in my new appearance (That I found quite becoming), I decided it was time to show it off to the world. As I walked outside and compared my tail and ears to everyone else’s on the streets, it dawned onto to me that I had become one of them. A slobbering, judgmental animal whose value is brought upon how big their tail is or how acute their hearing is. I became saddened by my new appearance and rushed back inside hoping and praying to whatever God is out there to change me back into my normal self. I would rather be myself than a slobbering creature—a slave to society any day. 


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Write a paragraph imagining yourself waking up as some strange creature. What do you think? How do you cope?

  1. Hey Eymie!
    I enjoyed this quite a bit. It was very weird. I do mean that as a compliment and hope you take it that way. After all Kafka’s own text was extra weird too.But it did tie in well at the end. It was meaningful in the sense that it reversed what Kafka did. Turning his protagonist into a bug made him more unique, in your creative task you’ve made your persona the same as everyone else. This proves just as depressing as Kafka’s persona being completely different.

  2. Hey,
    I found this entry very similar to the style writing of Kafka, I find this style very interesting. As the reader become curious to find out what or who the “creature” really is. Very grasping, well done!

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